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vesta ultra+ inkjet  

Vesta Ultra+ Premium Glossy Photo Paper offers the highest gloss level of any resin coated photographic paper. Producing vivid life-like images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, the Ultra+ glossy finish, coupled with a 10.4 mil thickness and extremely wide color gamut, make this paper a favorite among the most discerning photographers. Outstanding instant dry characteristics make use, handling, and display of your finished output trouble-free. It creates highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. This paper can also be easily laminated to provide protection from light and moisture.

Microporous paper has a multi-layered coating applied to a resin-coated base. It provides a porous structure into which ink deposits, as well as giving a true photographic feel and image quality. Our microporous papers demonstrate superb dot control for sharp definition and are instant dry and water-resistant

*Also available in pearl or glossy.  Note surface choice in checkout notes


 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
8.5x11 25 Sheets


 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
8.5 X 11 50 Sheets
$ 15.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
11x17 10 Sheets
$ 5.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
11x17 25 Sheets
$ 15.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper 11x17 50 Sheets $ 31.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paperv 11x17 100 Sheets $ 64.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
13x19 10 Sheets
$ 8.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
13x19 25 Sheets
$ 20.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper 13x19 50 Sheets $ 42.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
13x19 100 Sheets
$ 85.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
13x33 Feet Roll
$ 182.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper 36x100 Feet Roll $ 149.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper
42x100 Feet Roll
$ 174.95
 Vesta ULTRA+ Inkjet Paper 44x100 Feet Roll $ 185.95


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